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My reiki session with Xylina was the first I’ve ever done. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went in with an open mind and an open heart. Xylina made our space relaxing, with beautiful music in the background and wonderful scents. Before our session started, she made sure I was comfortable and guided me on what she would be working on. As soon as we started, I felt instantly relaxed. There is no way to  describe what you feel during her reiki session, but it was magical. Areas within my body that needed release, felt like tingles. It was euphoric. After the session, I felt a beautiful energetic shift within my persona. I am forever grateful and excited to see where another healing session with Xylina will take me.
- Diana C.

A true gift, Xylina's reiki is healing, restorative and powerful. During our distance session, I could feel the energy working on my chakras, including a tingle in my hips, my right arm and hand. Xylina said in our reading after that she intuitively felt I was being called to create with my hands and dance with my hips. She helped me pinpoint where I need work and where she felt the most energy blockages, my solar plexus chakra (my current focus), and my throat chakra, as I've found it difficult to know how to speak or communicate. Thank you, Xylina, for sharing your gift to help me heal. I will be coming back for more." 
- Tianna G.

Xylina has so much wisdom to offer. I received distance Reiki from her for emotional clearing and spiritual guidance. The session started with a 10 minute consultation, where I shared with Xylina how I was feeling, what I was looking to accomplish, and what insight I was hoping to gain. Xylina then performed Reiki on me for 40 minutes while I laid down and listened to relaxing music suggested by her. I felt so calm and peaceful during the session that I fell asleep and awoke to the ring of a Tibetan sound bowl. My mind and body felt grounded and clear. We then spent 10 minutes discussing my experience and the insight Xylina received from her guides. Xylina delivered the exact message I needed at that time, which gave me the confidence to know that I was on the right path. If you are looking for spiritual and emotional healing, I highly recommend you consider Xylina as a resource.
- Rachel P.


I have the power to create change.

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