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"I had recently left an unfulfilling job and had embarked on a new job search when I saw Xylina's post about her Wellness Coaching and decided to work with her.  The challenges that I wanted to address were sticking to my fitness goals to train for a fall marathon, expanding my local friend circle (many friends moved away during covid) and refreshing my networking skills for my job search.
Through working with Xylina these past few months, my biggest breakthrough has been her coaching me through breaking down goals into small tasks/goals to work on each week. Articulating these out loud and breaking down time in my week to work on them, has helped me achieve the best success with my goals.  At times I can get overwhelmed with what i need to accomplish and then I don't execute. She has helped me work through solutions to that." 

- Jen D. 

Alexa Young, CA

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