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Energy Healing: Reiki (Distance)

Virtual Session

  • 1 hour
  • 70 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing which translates to “spiritually guided life force energy,” promotes stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered using a hands-on healing technique through which a “universal life force energy” flows through the palms of the practitioner to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Your Distance Reiki Healing Session will provide restoration in both the physical body and also the energetic body. We will use video conferencing to connect with each other and set the intention for your healing. During our initial conversation, you can let me know why you are seeking Distance Reiki, how you're hoping to benefit from your session, and any general questions you may have. Then your Distance Reiki session will begin. We will focus on each chakra (energy center in the body) to clear any blocked energy promoting an energetic + emotional release to accelerate healing. Your job is to simply relax and meditate in an intentionally prepared, safe and comfortable place, free from interruptions or distractions. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, and hold gratitude in your heart for the healing you are about to receive. Then simply be open to receiving Reiki. During your Distance Reiki session, you may experience sensations in your body such as warmth, tingling, pulsing, floating, physical release of tension, deep relaxation, or bliss. You may see light, colors, or images. You may experience emotions, memories, thoughts, intuition, inner-guidance, or breakthrough revelations. Whatever you experience, simply notice, keep breathing, remain open, and go with the flow of the process. You are also invited to ask for the healing you wish to receive and to give thanks for the healing you are receiving. The more you can deeply relax and open yourself to receiving the wonderful healing benefits of Reiki, the better. When the session is complete, we will reconnect with each other through video conference or phone to discuss your experience and address any questions you may have. Distance Reiki is just as effective as an in-person session. Some people feel that Distance Reiki sessions are even more powerful than in-person sessions. Because the benefits of Reiki have a cumulative effect over time, a series of sessions is recommended.

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule, please contact me within 24 hours of your session. Otherwise, your deposit will be forfeited.

Contact Details


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